Real Estate
Development Strategy

Peachtree Corners Innovation Hub - Peachtree Corners, Georgia

EIA Highway Commercial Parcel – Edmonton, Alberta

Ogden Point Market Demand & Impact Analysis – Victoria, British Columbia

Candlestick Park Redevelopment – San Francisco, California

Citadel Plaza - Cairo, Egypt

YYC Land Development Strategy - Calgary, Alberta

MXD's Approach

Developing a property is more than bricks & mortar
MXD works around the world performing services for public and private sector clients.
Project Profiles

Bringing the latest trends, ideas, and thinking from around the world.

& Policy
Planning & Policy

Understanding planning conditions and demographics of the local market.

Market Analysis

Determining the right size and mix of uses through sophisticated real estate analytics.

& Allocation
Programming & Allocation

What to build, where to build, when to build, and how it should be laid out.

Market Positioning

Identify the target market and occupy a strategic position to reflect the wants and needs of the end-user.

Financial Analysis

Blending creative vision with financial reality to generate a profitable investment.

Concept Layout

Ensuring the project works seamlessly in three dimensions is crucial to a successful development.

& Branding
Marketing & Branding

Crafting the right message and media for the project for potential tenants and investors.

Experience In Over 45 Countries.

MXD Development Strategists Ltd is a full-service development consulting firm based in Vancouver, BC, Canada and working in over 45 countries around the globe on the master planning, market analysis, feasibility, and development strategy of Mixed-Use, Retail, Urban, Resort, TOD, and Commercial Development Projects, as well as Airport Cities and Aerotropoli. The MXD Team is made up of a dynamic group of Development Strategists, Retail Experts, Land Economists, Urban Planners, and Real Estate Analysts providing a balance of knowledge, skills, and vision shaped by extensive experience and exposure to the latest development trends throughout the world.

MXD News

Re-imagining Sunrise Mall – Sunrise Tomorrow

- Feb 24, 2020

MXD is working alongside architecture firm Gensler on the Sunrise Mall Specific Plan – a strategy and vision for the future of Sunrise Mall located in Citrus Heights, California.  The 18-month collaborative process is to create a Specific Plan to guide the development of the Sunrise Mall property and support the City’s General Plan vision […]

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