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Development Strategy

Sunrise Mall Specific Plan - Citrus Heights, California

Whitecap Dakota First Nation Resort Subdivision Plan - Saskatoon, SK

Red River Gorge Destination Resort Master Plan - Slade, Kentucky

EIA Highway Commercial Parcel Land Use Plan – Edmonton, Alberta

Ogden Point Market Demand & Impact Analysis – Victoria, British Columbia

YYC Land Development Strategy - Calgary, Alberta

MXD's Approach

Developing a property is more than bricks & mortar
MXD works around the world performing services for public and private sector clients.
Project Profiles

Bringing the latest trends, ideas, and thinking from around the world.

& Policy
Planning & Policy

Understanding planning conditions and demographics of the local market.

Market Analysis

Determining the right size and mix of uses through sophisticated real estate analytics.

& Allocation
Programming & Allocation

What to build, where to build, when to build, and how it should be laid out.

Market Positioning

Identify the target market and occupy a strategic position to reflect the wants and needs of the end-user.

Financial Analysis

Blending creative vision with financial reality to generate a profitable investment.

Concept Layout

Ensuring the project works seamlessly in three dimensions is crucial to a successful development.


Identifying strategic initiatives and tools that help guide planning and development.

Experience In Over 45 Countries.

MXD is a full-service planning and development consulting firm based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We work with our clients across Canada, the United States, and around the globe on master planning, feasibility, and development strategy of Mixed-Use, Urban Infill, Redevelopment, Resort, TOD, and Airport projects. We take concepts and ideas and turn them into actionable items for implementation – shaping cities and generating community and economic resilience.

The MXD Team is made up of a dynamic group of Urban Planners, Land Economists, Market Researchers, and Real Estate Professionals providing a balance of knowledge, skills, and vision shaped by extensive experience and exposure to the latest trends throughout the world.

MXD News

Sunrise Mall Tomorrow Specific Plan Receives Three Awards

- Oct 20, 2022

MXD is proud to announce that the Sunrise Tomorrow Specific Plan has won three awards, including two from the American Planning Association (Award of Excellence for Comprehensive Planning from APA California and 2022 Award of Excellence for Comprehensive Planning from the Sac Valley Chapter APA). The positive and collaborative nature between the City of Citrus Heights, […]

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