Our Team Members “Market-Based Approach” and role as “Development Strategists” has been significant in assisting our clients and architectural & engineering teams in rationalizing and defining development programs for evolving optimal development mixes, configurations, phasing, and designs.

MXD’s unique market and economic-driven approach is increasingly necessary to ensure the “right-size”, “right development mix” and “right phasing” for projects to respond to their market audiences and economic conditions, to establish the foundation for the proper development or leasing strategy.


MXD’s varied experience around the world has allowed us to visit, study, and understand the latest development trends and ideas. Our case study database includes projects from all major commercial development types.

& Policy

MXD assesses current and future plans and policies in the local and surrounding jurisdictions to establish the foundation for good planning principles. This can include land use, transportation, and economic initiatives, among others.


Market analysis is performed to justify the amount, mix, type, positioning, and phasing of land uses or development types for a project. This can include a variety of asset classes including retail, office, industrial, accommodation, and multi-family residential. MXD also provides our clients with a unique Economic Cluster Analysis that targets specific economic sectors and how they can be incorporated into the land use program.

& Allocation

Information and data of our Market Analysis is extensively analyzed for each project to determine the proper development program and phasing schedule; what to build, where to build, when to build, and how it should be laid out.


MXD analyzes the demographic profile of the local area as well as the psychographic composition to determine how a place can appeal directly to the wants and needs of the local market. For larger regional studies such as Airport Cities, MXD employs Economic Cluster findings to provide our clients with potential end-user tenants that would act as catalysts for their project.


Employing up-to-date construction and local economic data, MXD’s development strategies are based on a solid foundation of financial analysis. This ensures that the project will not only be memorable to those who visit, but provide a strong financial return. MXD also works with land owners and developers to assess potential joint venture partnerships and ground lease deals based on the financial analysis.


We work with architectural, engineering, and planning firms from around the world to ensure that the project works from an end-user’s perspective. This includes transportation and pedestrian connections, unit sizes, anchor functions, parking strategies, among others. MXD strives to connect the dots between the Planner, Architect, Developer, Investor, Tenant, and Consumer.


MXD creates actionable implementation plans that provide a set of strategic initiatives and tools that help guide community planning and development for our public and private sector clients. This can include identifying governance and partnerships, catalytic projects, necessary mobility and infrastructure investments, and financing mechanisms.

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