Chattanooga Airport District Redevelopment Master Plan


Chattanooga Hamilton County Regional Planning Agency



Year Completed:



Demographic Analysis
Development Strategy
Economic Cluster Analysis
Land Use Planning
Market Analysis
Policy Analysis
Stakeholder Consultation

MXD and Stantec worked collaboratively on the “CHA Airport District Master Plan” for several-hundred acres of land adjacent to Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport. The goal of the study was to develop a coordinated master plan of action items to provide a comprehensive guide for future development of the properties located within the Airport District. Our team provided recommendations related to market strategy, land use, and urban design. A short-term goal of the assignment was to provide recommendations on much needed transportation, urban design, and
infrastructure improvements that will act as catalysts for development to occur. These recommendations will be reviewed and inputted into the City’s 2019-2024 5-year Capital Budget Plan. A fast-growing population base coupled with an expanding airport, along with recent major “economic wins” near the Airport District with the establishment of companies such as Volkswagen and Coca Cola has prompted the plan to identify opportunities for:
• Economic growth around primary economic sectors
• New affordable and market rate housing for the local
• Amenities that will support future employment and
population growth

MXD and Stantec identified 3 priority sites for development that will act as catalysts for economic growth and begin to change the perception of what the Airport District can achieve from a development point-of-view. To overcome certain challenges in the project, the consulting team thought “outside the box” with various strategies and tools to generate a plan that is unique to its context and implementable.

View a copy of the Airport District Plan here

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