Red River Gorge Destination Resort Master Plan


Red River Economic Development



Year Completed:



Demographic Analysis
Development Strategy
Financial Analysis
Market Analysis
Stakeholder Consultation

MXD in collaboration with Stantec created a Destination
Resort Master Plan for 700+ acres of land in scenic Eastern
Kentuky. The Master Plan was informed by a thorough
market analysis of accommodation, resort residential, and
extensive amenities. A progressive and implementable plan
was developed with input from a Local Advisory Board, and
extensive public and stakeholder outreach. With the Red
River Gorge area being a highly ecologically sensitive area,
the master plan focused on ensuring that the majority of the
700+ acres remained untouched and little impact is made
to the natural environment from future development.

The resort will provide 4.5 star hotel accommodation,
conference and meeting space, a craft distillery, equestrian
facilities, resort residential lots, and extensive trails and
open space. The resort will help generate four season
vibrancy, extending stays of visitors and increasing economic
expenditures, while creating over 300 direct jobs in the region.

A four-county tourism plan was also created in synergy
with the destination resort master plan. Big ideas were
provided on how to leverage existing tourism in the area to
generate further economic development and job creation.

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